Central Utah Water Conservancy District

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Smart Controller Rebate Program

No longer accepting residential rebate applications for 2017

For commerical application please contact Rick Maloy at rebates@cuwcd.com

Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD) offers a rebate on the purchase of an EPA WaterSense® labeled smart controller, which can help reduce water waste by using local weather and landscape conditions to apply water only when needed. A list of qualifying smart controllers can be found at the EPA's Watersense website. Smart controllers that are not on this list do not qualify for a rebate from CUWCD.

Click Here for a printable copy of the Rebate Program Rules

Rebate Amount

50% of the purchase price (exluding tax, shipping, & installation costs)

Residential Properties: up to $150

Commercial Properties: up to $1500

Before Making Your Purchase

  • Review the most updated program rules & status at rebates.cuwcd.com see rule 21 below
  • Be sure to not use gift cards, in-store credit, rewards points, etc. towards your purchase see rule 6 below

Items Needed for Application

  • Water utility account number from your water bill
  • Legible pdf or jpg of the sales receipt/invoice
  • Photo of the installed controller see rule 9b below
  • Photo of the installed weather station/sensor if the controller has one

2017 Rebate Program Rules

  1. Qualifying residential products must be purchased between January and October of 2017
  2. Product received as a gift or won as a prize does not qualify for a rebate; product must be purchased by the applicant
  3. Applicant must be the owner of the property where the product is installed
  4. Rebate amount is 50% of the purchase price (excluding tax, shipping, & installation costs), not to exceed $150 per residential property or $1500 per commercial property
  5. Each residential property is allowed a one-time rebate on one controller per 5-year period; commercial properties may qualify for additional controllers
  6. Rebate amount will be determined by CUWCD staff based on actual money spent; the use of gift cards, in-store credit, rewards points, etc. may reduce rebate amount or disqualify rebate
  7. Product must be installed before the application is submitted
  8. Residential applications must be submitted within 90 days of the purchase date and by October 31, 2017
  9. Online application form must be accompanied by:
    1. A legible sales receipt/invoice showing the purchase date, the product name/make/model number, the purchase price, and that it was paid
    2. A photo showing that the controller has been installed (protective box must be open)
    3. A photo of the installed weather station/sensor if the controller has one
  10. Submitting an application form does not guarantee a rebate will be issued
  11. CUWCD staff may request to verify installation of product before approving a rebate; if requested, applicant must agree to allow CUWCD staff to access the property for installation verification, or the rebate will not be approved
  12. Receipts/invoices from a company with which the applicant is affiliated are not accepted
  13. CUWCD reserves the right to deny any application that appears to be deceptive or fraudulent in any way
  14. Applicant is encouraged to retain a copy of the email received after the application form is submitted
  15. Applicant agrees to allow CUWCD access to the water use data of the property to help determine the effectiveness of the rebate program
  16. Rebate checks will only be mailed to the applicant, not to a third party
  17. Failure to cash a rebate check within 90 days of issuance shall void the rebate and shall relieve CUWCD of any obligation to pay the rebate; rebate checks will not be reissued
  18. Rebate is only offered on EPA WaterSense® labeled smart controllers
  19. To be eligible, a residential property or commercial must be located within one of the following counties: Duchesne, Juab, Salt Lake, Sanpete, Uintah, Utah, or Wasatch.
  20. Allow 10-12 weeks for the rebate to be processed
  21. Rebate program is subject to available funds; CUWCD reserves the right to modify or discontinue the rebate program at any time; any changes will be posted at rebates.cuwcd.com